Home & Family Assessment Team

When our clients end up in the hospital for psychiatric reasons, FBH Rapid Response sends its Home and Family Assessment Team within 24 hours of the patient’s admission to meet with the family and assess the family/home environment to determine if family intervention should be implemented. The team evaluator then shares his/her assessment with the attending physician. The same team member serves as a case manager for the patient, coordinating care with the attending physician and attending clinical meeting to provide valuable information about the home’s recovery environment, in order to formulate a plan for follow-up after discharge.

Upon discharge, our patients are provided with outpatient follow-up and wrap-around services including psychotherapy and home based services, if necessary. By doing so, outpatient treatment is structured even before the patient leaves the hospital.

FBH's philosophy is to coordinate the member’s psychiatric treatment from the date of admission. This is carried out by FBH’s Home and Family Assessment team whose goal is to provide:

  • Home and Family Assessment to determine the home dynamics and family involvement in the member’s recovery

  • Coordination with the attending psychiatrist by providing the home assessment information

  • Follow-up treatment recommendation for wrap-around services even prior to discharge so that a treatment plan is in place when the member leaves the psychiatric hospital. Such a treatment plan would require family involvement in order to ensure compliance and recovery when receiving wrap-around services.

  • Follow-up after hospitalization and initiation of the treatment plan by contacting the member and/or family by phone or home visit to increase likelihood of compliance.

Our clients and their families need not call FBH to see a Home and Family Assessment Clinician. Rest assured, if our member ends up in the ER or facility for a psychiatric reason, our team will contact the family.

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